Interior & Exterior painting offered by college student painters.

Like the fence that needs to be stained, like the deck that needs to be sanded, like the bedroom that was suppose to be painted months ago, like the living room walls that are too high for you to reach.


Our Painting Services


Interior Painting

From bedrooms to bathrooms, to full interior painting - we promise that you will love the way your home will look with fresh new colors.

The same goes for offices. Freshening up the sales areas attracts new clients and allows your business to be more inviting.
Changing up an office area rejuvenates the people that work there and gets them excited to come to work. 
Brightening up the shop or warehouse allows it to be a more positive work area. 

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Painting of Trim and Doors

We can spray, we can brush and we can roll. Whatever finish you may be looking for, we can handle it. We have so many hours working with the brush, roller and even the sprayer that we can make any area look sharp.



Spraying of Ceilings

Want to brighten up a room, paint the ceiling. Whenever I am giving a quote to someone looking to paint their walls, I suggest painting the ceilings as there will not be a better time to paint your ceilings then just before painting your walls.

It will brighten up your rooms and make the new color really shine its true new color.


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Exterior Painting

Exterior Stucco to wood cedar siding, we offer protection and beauty to all
that you own.

It is all about the outward appearance. Your siding, your trim, your deck or fence, even your front door. Painting any one of these will drastically change the way you feel about your home. It is affordable and can be done right by our Quality Student Painters.


Painting of Siding

Not happy with the color of your home? Thinking that moving might be the answer?
Repaint your siding or stucco and you will see how much you truly love your home. You will be surprised on how reasonable it is to change the color of your whole home.


Painting of Trim

Protect, protect, protect. Windows are expensive to replace. To maintain them is such a fraction of the cost of new windows. Inspect your trim and make sure they are holding up to the weather we have. It only takes us a day or two to prep, sand and repaint the window trim on your house.


Decks and Fences

Our summers are short, and when the weather is at it's best, you want your backyard to also look it's best. A sand and a fresh coat of stain to that deck and fence will make your backyard look like it just had a makeover.



15 mins.

That is all we need to price out your next project.

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