Why choose a college student painter over a kijiji painter.

With so many options out there, it can be hard deciding which painter to choose. The project itself could really be more work than searching through tons of ads on kijiji. Trying to find the right painter that sounds like it might work out might not be that easy.


The problem with most painters that are advertising on free ad sites such as kijiji is that most don't have any sort of coverage. They may not have any WCB or Liability Insurance. The last thing that you want to happen when painting your small project like staining your deck or painting your livingroom, is having someone get hurt and then the big "S" word comes out. SUE!

Some of these painters advertising could even be students just looking to make an extra buck to pay for more Kraft Dinner to get through the school year. That is great that they are being proactive and seeking to pay their own way but what happens when they knock over that TV or fall off their step ladder? Do you really want to run the risk?

At QSP, we not only have trained our painters to be extremely careful and have run through safety programs with them but they are also covered under our WCB and Liability insurance. In the case that anything happens, you will be fully covered. That safety is worth calling QSP for whatever project you may need.

Side note: I have called people for services on Kijiji before and sometimes, once they show up you realize that maybe you should have called that first person your friend or neighbour had suggested. 

Graham Audenart