We stand behind our workmanship and materials. We guarantee our interior work for three years and exterior work for two years from the date that the work is completed. Such guarantee work will be done only to failed areas and to standards originally contracted for pursuant to this agreement. This contract must be presented and been paid in full to have any warrantee work done.




Please note, we do not guarantee against: lap marks, mildew problems, previous coat breakdown (any paint previously applied that peels when covered), and any work where the client supplies the paint. We also do not guarantee coverage when the customer supplies the paint. There is no guarantee on: galvanized metals, surfaces which are walked on, areas with excess moisture or heat, any varnished surfaces, wallpaper, stained roofs, and baked on finishes. We are not responsible for previous damage (drips, hits etc.). If puttying and caulking are done and fails, we will replace missing material only.

Customers are asked to provide adequate access to all painting areas. An extra charge will be billed to customer if painters are required to do this.

In the event that other trades delay our completing the job, Quality Student Painters will not be held responsible for that delay.

In the event of damage caused by the negligence of Quality Student Painters or its staff, it is agreed that the customer will give Quality Student Painters the opportunity to rectify the problem first. However, if Quality Student Painters is unable to rectify the said damage or chooses not to, then the customer may have it fixed and billed to Quality Student Painters Such charge backs, to be valid, must be presented to Quality Student Painters in writing prior to the commencement of work, or it is agreed that the charge backs are considered invalid and non-chargeable. Quality Student Painters shall not be responsible for any damage or loss arising from other trades, vandalism, acts of god or the weather

If the customer chooses to change the color after the commencement of the job, or after the paint has been tinted, the additional costs associated with the same must be borne by the customer. Quality Student Painters or its manager on the job shall determine such additional costs. Additional colors not specified on the front of the contract proposal will be charged at $25 for every additional color.

Occasionally, conditions exist which cannot be seen by prior visual inspection, or are not part of this agreement but show up after the work starts. If such hidden conditions require work not originally contracted for, the customer must pay such additional amount to complete such work as is specified by Quality Student Painters or its manager.


This quotation is valid for two months, and becomes a binding contract upon execution by the customer.


All payments are due and payable upon completion of job unless otherwise specified on the front of this contract. Should payment not be received within the terms of this contract, service charges will be levied against past due balances at a rate of 2.0 percent per month ~24.0 percent per annum).


Thank you for considering Quality Student Painters, A Division of 1024876 AB Ltd.