How expensive are College Student Painters?


Seriously, we are students. Never has painting been more affordable. Now you can get that bedroom or living room painted and it isn't going to cost you your monthly mortgage cost.


College students work hard, are dedicated and strive to do their very best. These painters are experienced as well. We don't just throw them a paint brush and say go at it. Each painter is trained by a professional company and work along side experienced painters to give them the training they need. 

QSP is also professionally guided in their management, their quoting, operations and invoicing. This is a company that has been working the past 30 years to gain its perfection.

Want a quick, almost instant quote on something? Send us a request or send us a picture and let us know what you want painted. We will get right back to you. You can text us at 780-499-9700 or email us a photo at

Graham Audenart