Painting Ceilings - What to expect.

I think ceilings are one of the many things we don't think about or try not to think about when changing the color of our walls or freshening up the trim and doors. 
We think that it is going to be too much of a hassle for someone to come in and repaint all the ceilings. The cost is another thing. You can't imagine what it would cost to prepare everything and then to spray it out.

The difference between painted and unpainted ceilings.

The difference between painted and unpainted ceilings.

Well the reality of it all is that it really isn't that big of a hassle or that costly to do.

Let me tell you why.

  • If you are already painting your walls, you would be having to move your furniture and items off the walls. All the painter now has to do is cover over the floor as your items will be covered anyways for when they paint the walls.
  • We typically will spray most ceilings as it is the easier method. This cuts down on time and labour and also allows no roller lines, and no pressure on the stipple for it to come down.
  • No other time is better to paint your ceilings than when you are painting your walls. The last thing you want is a fresh new color to brighten up your home and then realizing that your ceilings are not as white as you might have thought.
  • Get rid of those awful water stains that you might have. Nothing scares a home buyer away faster than stained ceilings. Have a hole in a ceiling that needs to be repaired? We can help with that as well.

When we paint ceilings, we place plastic over all windows, all doorways, cover all furniture and possessions and all floors. Once we are done painting, we allow the paint particles in the air to settle and then collect all plastic into a ball and take it with us. Leaving only bright white ceilings behind.

We promise that we are affordable painters.

Ceilings partially painted a new white.

Walls and lights protected, ceilings being painted.

Ceilings painted a bright white.

Graham Audenart